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I believe I have mentioned a time or two dozen the challenge of parenting a teen and parenting a toddler. While each age group is obviously very different, nonetheless they are equally challenging.

I wonder if other parents, besides only myself, wonder if their children have split personalities…all of them?

Could it even be possible?

With me, I have no doubt.

I digress.

Some studies report that a child will misbehave when they are with the parent they spend the most time with, because they are comfortable “letting it all out” or showing their strong feelings”.

toddler personalities

Of course this makes sense but is it just an excuse?

One article I read on Parents.com, nailed my 3 year old to a Tee – when discussing how one child acted with the mother vs. the father.  I can certainly relate with the author of the article; she comes home from a day of shopping and finds that her daughter napped perfectly for her husband, picked up her toys – no problem and didn’t argue over the little things like which cup she drank of. This is a constant with Reed at home, with me, he will NOT go down for a nap, will fight me to the very end, will refuse certain drinks and will even be picky with meals. But, when he is with his dad, I hear things like “he was asleep before we got to his bed” or “he ate all of his dinner” or “he drank water”.

WHAT??? He never drinks water for me.

Again, I digress.

While it is comforting to hear that “acting up may actually be a sign of how safe he feels with you” I wonder if it is just that. Just sweet words to make parents, like me, not feel crazy.

We can discuss the multiple personalities of my dear sweet teenage son on an entirely different post.



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My entire family is mourning the loss of Dublin Dr Pepper – Dr Pepper sweetened with cane sugar and sold in the classic bottle, sold in the small town of Dublin, Texas for more than 100 years. The Dr Pepper Bottling Co., in Dublin stopped making its signature beverage last week as part of an agreement reached after Dr Pepper Snapple Group sued the 40-person bottling company over trademark and territory issues.

Good grief!

My brother would often travel to Dublin to pick up cases of the sweet, cane sugar delight – he quickly added my son as a fan of Dublin Dr Pepper, so much that he would no longer drink regular Dr Pepper, you know the one made with corn syrup and that you can find any and everywhere.

Here is the sad part:

For Christmas, my brother gave Jace a six pack of Dublin Dr Pepper, mainly because he was quickly reducing Brian’s supply when he visited. Well, last week, the very day the news broke of the closing of the plant Jace, just hours before word hit the news, he drank his very.last.bottle.

He was devastaed!


He has collected the bottles but would not have drank the last one had he known.

More devastation ensued.

I feared tears were coming.

He was able to hold them back, regardless of the immense pain he was undergoing.

Dear Dr Pepper,

Us Texans wish you would change your mind. We love Dublin Dr Pepper. The town of Dublin is in shock and some news reports say it has suffered a heart attack.

This is not good.

Will you please kiss and make up?


Cane sugar loving Texans.

Dear Dublin, Texas,

We feel your pain. We are on your side.

Hang in there. It will get better.


Dublin Dr Pepper Forever Texans

My blogging friend Allie of Screwed Up Texan is a true Dr. Pepper fan.

Check out all her Dublin Dr. Pepper posts here.

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This may have happened or I could be totally making it up.

Kid: Can I hold hands with Girl at church tomorrow?

Me: What do you mean? Like while you are praying or just sitting there? Tell me the situation.

Kid: Well when we are in the back rooms in the church.

Me: Um, why are you and Girl in the back rooms in the church? Are you alone?

Kid: Haha Mom, your funny. No, we are with all the youth listening to our youth pastor.

Me: Oh, okay, well it really is your call, Kid. If it is an appropriate situation, then sure, you can hold Girl’s hand.

Kid: That’s right it’s my call.

Kid: Can I kiss her?

Me: Why are you asking me all this if your going to do it anyway?

Kid: You always have something funny to say and might have good advice.

Me: Okay, thanks.I guess.

Me: But, no you can’t kiss her.

Kid: Right mom. Thanks. (pure sarcasm)

I remember when I was the exact same age as said pretend kid. I had this boyfriend and he would come to church with me, my friend and her boyfriend sat next to us. We would cross our arms and hold hands with our opposite hands. Can you even picture it? It’s quite funny thinking back to it. It was innocent as can be, we just wanted to hold hands.

So,if said pretend kid wants to hold hands with his girlfriend at church and he is at church and he is telling me about it. I feel pretty confident in his judgement.

Funny story that may not have even happened.

Need some tips on hand holding? Yes, they are out there – Bwahaha! Check out this 10 step guide to holding hands.

Tip #1? Figure out who it is you want to hold hands with, and if they would let you. Good advice, people.


Sea Otters holding hands. Cute story.

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