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As a mother of a tween and a teen, I often feel frustration finding other bloggers who focus on or are geared towards teens and tweens. I get rather excited when I find a new site or blog. I recently came across blogger, , who also is the mother of two teenage sons, as well as a college age daughter. In addition, she is a self-published author and an accredited home daycare provider for preschoolers.

I read a review on her Lisa’s’ site about a site called Clean Teen Books: Helping You Choose Clean Books for Teens. This site was founded by a single mother, Alison Craig, a teacher who holds a Masters degree in English. Her site was inspired by her time (8 1/2 years to be exact) volunteering at a local Juvenile Justice Services facility, working regularly with juvenile offenders to improve their reading.  While searching for books to interest the teens and young adults, she experienced difficulty in finding not only books that they would enjoy reading, but also determining whether or not they are objectionable material. She developed a policy that she would read or heavily skim the books prior to introducing them to young readers.  Understanding other parents and teens and tweens too, most likely experienced similar frustration, she created Clean Teen Books.

I think it is an excellent concept.

She primarily reviews books from major publishers but will review books from other publishers as well. Her reviews are in a variety of genres, subjects and reading levels. Each with a “rating” indicating bad language, sexual content, violence, etc.. Her website is divided into sections: Teen Section, Parent Section and Subscriber Section. The parent section contains “spoilers” to the story, which are withheld from the teen section so as not to ruin the end of the book for a teen.

I have often struggled with this same issue. Once when one of the boys was 10 or 11, he came home with this book he checked out of the school library. I just assumed it was age appropriate content and was mostly just thrilled he was reading it.period. After glancing at the cover then reading the back, I started skimming through the book, to find awful language, violent behaviors and references. I was appalled – it was disgusting, and in the school library?

After this experience, I have been more careful with their selection of books and they know what is expected and accepted material. I love the site Alison Craig has created and was just thrilled when I found it on Lisa’s site.

Both ladies seem just lovely, I encourage you to visit both of their sites.

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A weekend or two ago I discovered an amazing product via my dear friend and cousin (in-law) Kat. We were bunking together on a family visit and I noticed she had this

on the night stand. I asked her what it was and she said, “The best stuff ever… miracle in a bottle.” Well, of course that peaked my interest and I just had to try it immediately. The name of the product is SG (Salon Grafix) Spray Powder Shampoo – Blonde Shade and it is genius, GENIUS! The purpose of the dry shampoo is so that you do not have to wash your hair everyday – GENIUS! You just spray this on the your hair-part and your crown, then brush your hair. Now, this does not replace taking a shower, people. You still have to bathe, but you do not have to wash your hair everyday and if you are like me and have long hair that takes FOR-ever to dry and style then it is awesome. I asked Kat how much this was and she said less than $10…WOW and she bought it at ULTA in the generic shampoo aisle. That is greatness, the less than $10 part!

I was purchasing this product. I did a little research on-line to see if I could find it anywhere else. I discovered that CVS, Walgreens, Target, etc… carry the SG Products and the dry shampoo but not in the blonde shade. I decided that would be fine and more convenient for me so off I went to the closest one which happened to be CVS. I was so excited about this new “miracle in a bottle” that was also a reasonable price, I could hardly stand it. I spotted it immediately and at the same time I noticed a similar product on the shelf below…

 TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo on sale for $5.49 versus the $7.99 for the product I had already tried and knew that I liked. Hmm! Oh and I had an extra care buck too, so it would be like $4.49 – I seldom pass up a deal and I like TRESemmé – I use their shampoo & conditioner, hairspray and other products. So, after contemplating in the shampoo aisle for 20+ minutes (this was a BIG decision) I went with the less expensive version of the dry shampoo.

MISTAKE. I was so disappointed. First of all, when you spray it, the smell is so powerful, like spray deodorant almost and takes over the whole room. It does leave a powdery residue which it should. It really was like spraying deodorant in my hair. Second, it left my hair feeling icky, as if I had put some gel or other styling product in it. I couldn’t even brush it. Bummer. The $7.99 price tag was not looking so bad, but I had already spent the $4.49 on this product.

I can not find the receipt anywhere and I do not know if I can return things like this to CVS, but I am going to march my devastated happy self up to ULTA and I am going to spend the $7.99 on the SG (Salon Grafix) Spray Powder Shampoo – Blonde Shade and I am going to be satisfied with my decision. Afterall, I totally deserve it after spending an extra 10 minutes in the shower washing out spray powder shampoo which is the exact opposite of what I should have been doing…I should NOT have been washing my hair AT.ALL.

If you’re like me and want to avoid having to wash you hair daily but want to maintain beautiful, healthy looking hair then, I definitely vote for the SG (Salon Grafix) Spray Powder Shampoo in your choice of shade. It is affordable and it leaves your hair feeling fresh and clean, which is exactly what a busy mom of three needs – in my opinion of course.

This is a personal review of a product based on my own experience. No one asked me to do this, nor did I receive anything to write this review.

Peace & Love

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