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My entire family is mourning the loss of Dublin Dr Pepper – Dr Pepper sweetened with cane sugar and sold in the classic bottle, sold in the small town of Dublin, Texas for more than 100 years. The Dr Pepper Bottling Co., in Dublin stopped making its signature beverage last week as part of an agreement reached after Dr Pepper Snapple Group sued the 40-person bottling company over trademark and territory issues.

Good grief!

My brother would often travel to Dublin to pick up cases of the sweet, cane sugar delight – he quickly added my son as a fan of Dublin Dr Pepper, so much that he would no longer drink regular Dr Pepper, you know the one made with corn syrup and that you can find any and everywhere.

Here is the sad part:

For Christmas, my brother gave Jace a six pack of Dublin Dr Pepper, mainly because he was quickly reducing Brian’s supply when he visited. Well, last week, the very day the news broke of the closing of the plant Jace, just hours before word hit the news, he drank his very.last.bottle.

He was devastaed!


He has collected the bottles but would not have drank the last one had he known.

More devastation ensued.

I feared tears were coming.

He was able to hold them back, regardless of the immense pain he was undergoing.

Dear Dr Pepper,

Us Texans wish you would change your mind. We love Dublin Dr Pepper. The town of Dublin is in shock and some news reports say it has suffered a heart attack.

This is not good.

Will you please kiss and make up?


Cane sugar loving Texans.

Dear Dublin, Texas,

We feel your pain. We are on your side.

Hang in there. It will get better.


Dublin Dr Pepper Forever Texans

My blogging friend Allie of Screwed Up Texan is a true Dr. Pepper fan.

Check out all her Dublin Dr. Pepper posts here.


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New Year's Eve Drinking

Pretty picture, ay? Sure is. Cocktails look fabulous and deliciously refreshing. A fun night ahead? Let’s party.

Do you have a driver?

Here is one good reason why – will it change your mind about your choice of transportation?

Tarrant County is stepping up their efforts to prevent party-goers from drinking and driving this upcoming New Year’s Eve.

The district attorney’s office will post on its website the names and ages of drivers arrested on suspicion of drunken driving between Friday night and Monday morning.

Would you want to be publicly humiliated in that fashion? Not only is your name listed on a very public website, but if you are arrested for this offense then you are facing trouble with the law, with your family, financially and so on. Is it worth the risk?

I think not.

So instead of drinking and driving this holiday season

Take a cab

Get a hotel

Designate a Driver

Stay home

Don’t drink

Make up your mind before you go out that you are not going to drink and drive. Have a plan. Keep that plan. Put the plan in motion.

You could save your life.

You could save someone else’s life.

No jail time.

No humiliation.

Just don’t do it.

It’s not worth the risk.

It doesn’t take a huge post with lots of writing and mumbo jumbo to get the message across. Do what you know is right and don’t drink and drive.

Enough said.
Happy New Year.

Photo courtesy of FoodChannel.com. Check out Food Channel for great recipes and New Year’s Drinking Do’s and Don’ts.

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